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We can professionally repair most minor accident damage.

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We repair dents, scratches and chips on your car, van or motorcycle.

Car Accident Repair & Body Shop | Ealing

Car Care Ealing is pleased to introduce our brand new Body Shop facility. We provide car accident repairs for all makes and models of cars serving Ealing, Perivale, Hanwell and all areas of West London.

Over time it is all too easy for cars to incur minor imperfections, whether these are dings picked up in tight car parks, wheel scuffs on high curbs or small prangs. In many cases, the costs of these minor repairs are less than your insurance excess, not to mention increases in your annual premium if claims are filed and a loss of your no claims bonus.

In the case of car lease returns, our repairs can be very cost effective when compared to the harsh fees levied for minor scuffs and stone chips. We can also carry out minor repairs on motorcycles and vans.

Quality care and attention on even the smallest of repairs

No matter how minor the damage to your car, we undertake each repair meticulously to achieve the best possible outcome. We understand that even small imperfections will affect the value of the vehicle and will also affect how you as the owner or driver feel about your driving experience!

Car Care's body shop technicians are all expertly trained and able to repair the majority of dents that they come across, whatever your make of car. They use industry approved repair techniques, alongside specialist tools, to ensure that all repairs are carried out to the highest standard. Regardless of the nature or location of the damage to your car, our team will always do their utmost to restore your vehicle to its former condition.

What we can repair

We can repair most minor accident damage including dents, scrapes and scratches as long as the damage hasn't affected the vehicle chassis or framework.

What is the cost for minor vehicle damage repairs carried out by Car Care Ealing?

The cost of repair depends upon the size and location of the defect which is why we kindly ask you to upload a photo of the damaged area onto our website. We will then get back to you quickly with a competitive quote.

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For more information on our accident repair service, please fill in our online form, ideally including a photo of the repair area. A member of our customer service team will then be in contact with you to discuss your repair. Alternatively if you can't take a picture then please call us on 020 8579 2969 to arrange an appointment to bring your vehicle in for assessment.


Car Accident Repair - Ealing

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